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What could be greater when compared to a home that can offer you comfort and bring you nearer to nature.  The land that it's situated on is 17.8 acres wide creating the house at 55 Dyer Ave. invaluable for home owners.  The area has a terrific view of the meadows and Vermont woodlands and is close to a couple of bonds that are abundant with bass and trout.  Back in 2003, this home was given a tremendous overhaul and is now one of Montpelier's top dwellings.

A Look at the Interior

Living space should not become an issue with this dwelling as you'll get up to 4,200 sq. ft. of it inside.  The kitchen is great and is loaded with features such as a subzero refrigerator, an oven to the wall, and a few microwaves.  A few other things that you may enjoy within your kitchen are a small number of dishwashers and disposals.
There's also a really ample living room which is equipped with a fireplace to keep you warm once winter strikes.  Should you are feeling like being alone and simply need to relax, then you definitely can go check into the lair.  The den comes supplied with a carefully-drawn out entertainment center to help give you something to pass time when you go here.

The main level has three bedrooms and one of the bedrooms happens to a private suite that may cause you to feel like you're residing in a luxury hotel. Downstairs is a huge game area where you can just forget about your own difficulties for a little while and love some games with your relatives and buddies. Other features you will find downstairs and are worth mentioning are the fourth bedroom which virtually functions like a guest room, along with a partial bathroom. The back deck further has a hot tub in it as well.

Let's Visit the Surface

The exterior comes in at 17.8 acres and even has a wonderful view of the meadow and woodlands.  You too can relax by doing a bit of fishing in the nearby ponds.  You can even visit the gardens and relax a little bit while basking in the fine view of the woodlands.
There's a barn that is only beyond the home you could use as a garage that could house 4 vehicles or transform it in your own personal hobby space.  This home is just one of Montpelier's best and is being offered for $849,000.  Do not miss out your chance at owning this bit of luxurious.Montpelier real estate for sale